I Heart Chatt Appears in Chattanooga PSA

In August 2013, the Hoopla Marketing Now team had an idea that would promote Chattanooga's pride, this is how the I Heart Chatt campaign was born. It was created to highlight the amazing never ending transformation of Chattanooga and its resources to small local businesses.

"We won't stop promoting our passion for Chattanooga, that is why we will continue to 'wear our heart'." said Jocelyn Loza, co-creator of the campaign and founder of Hoopla Marketing Now.

Detail went into the logo, it tells Chattanooga's story. The blue heart represents the Tennessee river valley that runs through downtown Chattanooga and the Historical Walnut Street bridge, an iconic symbol of Chattanooga with plague past, today it unites all Chattanooga.

Below is the public service announcement the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce filmed which features the I Heart Chatt logo in a lime green. Be sure to spot it at 1:57 minute of the video.

To learn more about I Heart Chatt and to be part of the cool kids, order your t-shirt now, Be part of the transformation.

Enjoy the video!