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Public Relations, Media Relations + Crisis Management

We work with clients we love, organizations we believe in, and on campaigns where we can make great things happen together.

“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”

Bill Gates

This quote by Bill Gates sums up what we believe at Hoopla Marketing Now after seeing successes with our clients.
How We Get Our Clients in the News

We have a network of relationships with print and broadcast journalists. This in itself is not a guarantee of getting clients' media coverage, however, several factors go into getting your story published or aired. Below is an overview of how we do it.

  1. Is the story idea newsworthy?

  2. Is the timing right?

  3. Find the Right Reporter in a specific industry

  4. Build Relationships

Even as digital and social media exercise ever-greater influence, traditional print and broadcast media continue to play an important role in shaping our views of products, issues, institutions, and brands. Media exposure creates value in your company as well as the demand for your products and services. That’s where Hoopla Marketing Now comes in, we get you in front of the right audiences through the right media channels.


The art of getting press coverage is slowly diminishing and it’s necessary for many reasons: brand awareness, gaining consumer trust, and raising Google ranking. But knowing how to get your company in the news is not something you can learn by watching a YouTube video, participating in a webinar, or reading the latest edition of PR for Dummies. Getting companies in the news is something you learn from years of experience. Every company’s needs are different. For yours, perhaps PR consulting is the way to go.

We understand what the media wants.

We understand the importance of nurturing relationships with reporters and producers.

We have perseverance, as it may take talking to several reporters before finding one willing to write the story.

We have the knowledge to approach the media.

Media Relations Services

We know what makes a great story and what keeps your business in the news and ahead of the curve. Our tailor-made campaigns and spot-on strategy help our clients launch brands, disrupt industries, and engage with the audience that matters most. We're energetic, enthusiastic, and deliver on your goals.

When most people think of Public Relations, what they’re really thinking of is Media Relations: the ability to generate solid, valuable media coverage for clients. With almost three decades representing some of the world’s most well-known brands, Hoopla's strong media relationships across multiple channels and Spanish-speaking channels build awareness and generate buzz. It’s why our clients are consistently found with stories in top magazines and newspapers, and with TV appearances.

  • Strategy & Campaign Planning

  • Startup Brand Building

  • Writing & Content Creation

  • Media Training

  • Crisis Management

  • Speaking & Awards Management

  • Press Material Development includes press releases, fact sheets, bios, and talking points.

Crisis Communications & Crisis Management

We have extensive crisis management experience leading high-profile, high-stakes crises, and helping our clients through sensitive and often highly charged matters around discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual misconduct, data breaches, and regulatory investigations.

We know how to effectively communicate during a crisis to minimize risk and exposure and manage reputations. Our clients often comment on how quickly we jump in and become members of their team. They also appreciate the fact that we consider all of the angles, the short- and long-term, and the nuances of their institution.

There’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. We create customized strategies for each crisis communications client using our range of experience across industries.

Our Approach to Crisis Management
  • Integrate quickly with leadership, legal, and communications teams

  • Assess the crisis

  • Understand the context and resources

  • Identify the stakeholders

  • Develop and implement an integrated crisis communications strategy

  • Provide ongoing strategic counsel, crisis management and crisis communications support

  • Conduct situational review & threat assessments

  • Plan and implement press conferences