6 Social Media Trends for 2016

It's two weeks into January and I'm already seeing some social media trends dominate. Now here are trends that I personally and Social Media Examiner believe will rule 2016.

1. Live-streaming

The obsession with live-streaming/video will continue in 2016, especially as popular apps such as Periscope, Meerkat and Blab add new features.

Facebook has also announced that it will open up its Facebook Live feature to allow users to live-stream directly from the app to their newsfeed.

2. Mobile will become the norm We all think mobile, it's one of the fastest media channels that is growing rapidly. Brands should think about prioritizing mobile if they want to reach consumers on their own terms.

More mobile users than ever, are using their devices to:

  • Browse Social Media

  • Access News and Entertainment

  • Research Products and Make Purchases

  • Communicate with Others

  • View Visual Content Including Videos

  • Post Comments and Reviews

This will only increase in 2016, making it a near impossibility for marketing strategists to avoid focusing on mobile this year. Therefore, brands that leverage this opportunity will reap the rewards.

3. Focus on listening Brands have far to long communicated with their consumers on a one-way communication road. With the increase of mobile and access to social media, consumers are voicing their likes and dislikes more than ever. Brands will realize these are long-term relationships and adapt to the needs of the influencers.

As marketers we truly need to listen to consumers. Thankfully with social media, communication has become more open and a two-way conversation therefore focusing on your consumer is priority.

4. There Will be a Focus Shift in SEO to Social Media SEO There is a slowly developing change in user behavior when it comes to searching out information on products and services. While using search engines to find information is still the most common behavior, there are many users who are skipping the search engine and performing their searches directly on social media.

This means that marketing strategy must move beyond “How can I get found on Google?” to “How can I get found on Google and social?”

5. Visual Marketing will continue to grow Creating and curating clever visual content can engage your audience on a personal level. The more consumers relate to you and your business, the more likely they will invest in your social media presence and your brand. But be sure to customize each image to the different social media platforms as well as its content.

Content with visuals gets more views than content without, and it’s much more likely to be shared on social media. That makes using images a no-brainer for marketers. Depending on the social media platform, your audience varies, like Facebook tends to have an older audience versus Instagram therefore be sure to craft each message.

6. Content is still King but distribution is Queen Content will still be king in 2016 but only if executed correctly. Like my friend, Marianna at BDO Solutions mentioned, "Content may be king (for now), but distribution and delivery is queen."

Content marketing should leave your consumers feeling content and that’s why marketers need to change their priorities to accommodate consumers’ increasing thirst for useful, custom content.

Source: Social Media Examiner

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