Sunday Blab Show - What is an "Authentic" social voice?

This Sunday, March 6, 2016, I'll be on my friend, Nichole Nadkami from Creative Niche Collective blab show. We will discuss the importance of authentically engaging on social media. To tell you the truth, this is how Nichole and I connected, through social media engagement specifically Instagram.

When building your personal brand or your company's brand, engaging is a brand awareness tool. By engaging with your audience, you are letting them know "hey, I'm here, I have what you need and I know what you want."

What's so important about engaging with others on social media? Firstly, it is great to engage with others in your field. Getting to know those influencers and seeing how they manage their posts and engage, can help to give you an idea to start. Secondly, knowing your audience prior to developing your social media accounts is vital. You want the right message to go to the right people.

Authentic engagement is extremely important! Here's why, it can establish the tone of your brand. Being transparent and available especially on social media, positions your brand among your target audience as their source for latest news and tips.

Add this date on your calendar and join us. Here is the blab event link:

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