August 6, 2019

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How to Defuse Panic During a Crisis

March 14, 2020

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What's A Side Hustle?

July 18, 2019

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A side hustle when searched, is defined as “another way to make some extra cash without having to get a second ‘real’ job.” For me my side hustle isn’t for that purpose.


For me, my side hustle is my dream. I’m building my dream to make it a reality. With your help and support, I’m getting there. I never dream about success. I work for it.


What I’m learning and have learned, I want to share with you, with entrepreneurs like you. We can’t do this alone. We must help each other and collaborate instead of seeing each other as competition. Continue to think this way and you’ll lose rather than win.


So I ask you my friend, what’s your side hustle? Are you ready to make it a reality? Are you ready to be the boss.


Original story posted on Instagram, click here.

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