Are You Ready to Build Your Side Hustle

I searched the words "side hustle", “another way to make some extra cash without having to get a second ‘real’ job.” The first mistake in this definition is "without having to get a second 'real' job". For many of use a side hustle is our true calling, our purpose, our passion and once we have achieved financial freedom from our side hustle alone, we quit our day job.

For me my side hustle was my calling, my purpose, my passion. Yes, you have the freedom to work odd hours and not be stuck in a routine, however a side hustle is more than just having your dream career. It's hard work, it takes grit, it takes long hours and wearing several hats at first.

I love this quote. I make sure I follow it because without hard work, you can't achieve your dream and truly see results.

I never dream about success. I work for it.

What I have learned and continue to learn is that relationships do matter. Building your relationships online, on social media or in-person at networking events, is the beginning. Before this establish your brand and what you are going to offer.

Are you ready to take that entrepreneur leap? Let me know how it's going. Build that tribe, we can’t do this alone. We must help each other and collaborate instead of seeing each other as competition. Continue to think this way and you’ll lose rather than win. Let's win together!

I'll ask you again, are you ready to be the boss?

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