Tennessee Child Care Resource & Referral Network
The Tennessee Child Care Resource & Referral Network's mission is to provide resources for parents, child care educators, employers, and community partners who support quality care and development for children in Tennessee. The TN CCRR requested we create an interactive new website where educators can download resources and register for their training. The branding design & website design/development and social media campaigns are mostly in English with the exception of the Spanish resource landing page. We researched the best keywords for TN CCRR and optimized the new website, helping them have their educators move away from calling for training to register online.
We also built a non-existing social media presence with a plan of increasing visibility in one year.
A website can be a forgettable brochure. We focus on the experience so that their expectations are far more than met. It's your most important opportunity to connect.
Today's market requires companies to have interactive branding campaigns. Take a second and consider how you have built your marketing and branding campaigns to be interactive. Where do you expect to connect with your customers? Are you a part of those conversations? If not, you need to work on a strategy that desires and creates interactions and really speaks and listens to your customers.
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