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Looking for a marketing and PR expert to take your business to the next level?

Introducing Jocelyn Loza, an unstoppable force in the realm of marketing and PR dedicated to propelling overworked businesses and entrepreneurs toward success. With a remarkable decade-long journey, Jocelyn possesses a proven track record of developing and executing highly effective marketing and public relations strategies that generate buzz and deliver tangible results.

Branding, digital marketing, multicultural marketing, and social media management are just a few of Jocelyn's areas of expertise. She is a true authority in all aspects of marketing and public relations. Armed with a Master's degree in Marketing from Walden University and a Bachelor's degree in PR and International Languages from Andrews University, Jocelyn brings an unparalleled blend of knowledge and skills to the table.

Ready to take your brand to new heights? Let Jocelyn be your guiding light on achieving your brand goals. With her guidance and support, you can regain your focus on what you love—the core of your business—while she works tirelessly to elevate your brand to its full potential. Say goodbye to overwhelm and embrace the power of Jocelyn's expertise as she helps you create a lasting impact in your industry.

Why Hire Me?

In search of a marketing and PR consultant who goes beyond promises and delivers tangible results? Your search ends here!

I'm confident in my ability to create impactful campaigns, but I also have a deep understanding of the importance of multicultural marketing and the need for businesses to embrace the societal changes around us.

I firmly believe that businesses must stay attuned to the evolving dynamics of society. That's why I prioritize incorporating multicultural marketing strategies into my campaigns. By recognizing and respecting your target audience's diverse perspectives and cultural nuances, we can create authentic connections that truly resonate and drive meaningful impact.

Backed by data-driven ROI measurement and a track record of producing exceptional work, I take pride in my client's success through my campaigns. But don't just take my word for it – hear directly from my satisfied clients, who have experienced firsthand the transformative results of partnering with me.

By hiring me, you'll witness the difference firsthand. Together, we'll craft strategies that drive real impact on your bottom line and foster positive change in society.


Let's embark on a journey of success where multicultural marketing takes center stage, and your brand thrives in a world that celebrates diversity.

What My Clients Have Said 

"The Hoopla Marketing Team is passionate and high-energy. They treat your company as if it is their own and take a lot of pride in their work."


Mitch Martino, Director of Operations

The Chattanooga Red Wolves

"Hoopla Marketing Now did an excellent job formulating and executing social media campaigns for Podwheels Network. We were highly impressed with Hoopla's attention to detail and addressing our needs from every angle. Jocelyn and her team are top-notch professionals, and I highly recommend them to anyone, especially small businesses seeking to gain visibility in their chosen market."

Greg Thompson, Principal

PodWheels Network

"Hoopla created a beautiful book cover for my book, 'Going Southern: No-Mess Guide to Success in the South.' It was great to show it off in my interview with CSPAN-BOOK TV. Thank you for creating an eye-catching design!" 


Deborah Levine, Forbes Diversity & Inclusion Trailblazer, Award-winning Author, American Diversity Report Editor, & Speaker/Storyteller

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