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Technology has undoubtedly altered how businesses, brands, and audiences interact. Fortunately, some public relations strategies are still in use. I've been using these to help my clients strengthen their connections with their audiences, increase brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage in their industry. I use the following public relations tactics:

  1. Information is disseminated through press releases. When your brand is featured in magazines, news publications, websites, blogs, and other outlets, people's trust in it grows. I use press releases to spread the word about a specific event, milestone, or product launch and drive traffic to your website and social media.

  2. I target local TV stations and media outlets when sharing your brand's story in order to reach a larger demographic. Because I have strong relationships with local and national media outlets, obtaining coverage for your story will be simple.

  3. I have extensive crisis management experience, including leading high-profile, high-stakes crises and guiding my clients through sensitive and frequently emotionally charged issues like discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual misconduct, data breaches, and regulatory investigations. I understand how to communicate effectively during a crisis in order to reduce risk and exposure while also managing reputations. My clients frequently compliment me on how well I fit in with their team.

What is the definition of Community Relations or Outreach?
Community relations is a strategy I use to assist my clients in developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with the communities in which they operate. For example, it is when a company accepts civic responsibility and actively participates in the well-being of its community, resulting in numerous long-term benefits such as community support, loyalty, and goodwill.
Community involvement improves public image and employee morale, as well as fosters the sense of teamwork required for long-term success.
When you support programs that improve the quality of life in your community, your organization will be recognized as a good community citizen. Here are some programs that I have created and managed:
  • programs for scholarships
  • educational initiatives
  • children's activities and family events
  • sponsorships
  • fundraisers/charity drives
  • employee engagement
  • civic project (volunteering)
  • outreach activities (healthcare & disaster relief)
I inform the media about your company's activities, regardless of the type of community outreach program you choose. For all of your programs and events, I am in charge of the following:
  • Public engagement 
  • Marketing (social media, print, digital)
  • Partnerships
  • Public relations and media relations
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