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Branding is the first, and most important step in marketing. The right branding guidelines will define everything about your business, from your website to social media, all the way to your business cards and brochures.

Besides embodying the personality of your business, it's the first touchpoint between you and your customer and gives your client an idea of what to expect from your company.
The right branding guidelines will indicate how effective your future marketing campaigns are and how memorable your business is in the eyes of your target audience.​ Jocelyn is here to study your industry and competition to design your ultimate branding package.

Let me help you distinguish yourself in your industry and elevate your business.



A complete branding package could consist of many stages & deliverables.

However, one step that always seems to be forgotten and might even be the most important step is the research and strategy behind the design.

A logo, color palette, and mood board of a brand can be the most eye-catching and stunning collection, but you always have to ask yourself, whose attention are we seeking? A logo might be appealing to you, but is it appealing to someone 10 years older than you or someone 20 years younger? Is it appealing to someone with totally different life experiences?


After branding research and strategy, I have the basis for designing your brand's visual identity. The visual identity includes a logo, mood board, color palette, typography, iconography, and guidelines.

A branding package is a set of digital and physical resources developed to establish a brand's image. Each item in the package reflects the desired style that combines a company’s assets and communicates a cohesive message across channels.


It's time to get some eyes on your beautiful new brand! I'll get to work on your website, social media, business assets & digital campaigns.

I can also help with...

Brand Persona
Brand personality is a framework that helps a company or organization shape how people feel about its product, service, or mission.

Brand Story
Your brand story is the narrative you use to communicate essential moments in your business’s origin story. Brand stories further spark connections between your business and customer base.

Brand Tone & Voice
A brand’s voice informs the type of brand messaging a business uses. It often plays the biggest role in forming connections with a customer base by fusing a brand’s personality with its core values.

Brand Research
Comprehensive research is necessary to create the perfect core brand identity. Many questions must be answered before enough information is gathered to create a long-lasting and effective brand core identity.

Jocelyn will create the final copy communicating the guidelines to future marketers and company representatives. Different copies of the brand story and values are also included for company touch points such as the website.

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