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What is Branding?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, B2C, or B2B. Your brand architecture is the foundation of your brand strategy. It is the essential key. Your brand architecture sets the foundation for all the other components of your brand and aligns your personality traits, your means, your promise, your story, and your visual and operational requirements into a single unified structure. A well thought out organic brand strategy can give you an unparalleled edge in an increasingly competitive market if executed properly. It then becomes your legacy. But what exactly does “branding” mean?

Let’s clear up a few misconceptions.

A brand promises something to consumers, sets their expectations, and meets those expectations in every interaction and experience. A brand connects by differentiating the experience for consumers. A consumer’s positive or negative experience with your brand, your consistent level of messaging, and your company’s ability to deliver on their expectations each and every time, creates a perception of thoughts and emotions about your company. Brands that don’t keep their promise will quickly find themselves on the road to failure. Why?


Brands are built by consumers, NOT companies!  Your company can put out the tangible elements of a brand (logo, products) as well as intangible elements (messages, images, and promises) to try to nudge consumers into the desired action. However, it’s through “the experiences” that consumers have with your company that brands are created. Branding impacts every part of your marketing strategy; therefore, building a strong brand needs to be a top priority for your business and that's where we come in to help.

Small businesses often overlook branding. Here’s your chance to stand out.

Everyone uses the term “branding” these days. Should you be thinking about your small business branding? What is a brand, anyhow? Here’s a one-word definition: it’s your reputation. Branding is an effort to influence that reputation.

This means every business is a brand, not just big companies like Coca-Cola or Nike. Small businesses are brands, too. But did the “brand” emerge accidentally during day-to-day operations, or was it created intentionally? Many small businesses don’t realize that they can more deliberately affect what people think of them. Small business branding can give you a leg up.

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Professional of Chattanooga

Website, Logo, and social media services.

  • 40% Web Visits From Email Increase

  • 60% Organic Traffic Increase

Screenshot 2016-11-22 23.01.38.png

Family Practice

& Screening Center

Website, Content Creation, Social Media.

  • 50% Organic Traffic Increase

  • 60% Web Visits From Custom Form

  • 40% Goal Conversion Increase

New Website HOME Page.png

TN Child Care Resource

& Referral Network

Website, Content Creation, Social Media.

  • 52% Site Traffic Increase

  • 80% Average Time On-Site Increase

Entice customers with a strong brand identity.

Your product or service might be the best out there. Your pricing might be perfectly calibrated. Your customer service might be outstanding. But potential customers might never get that far if they’re turned off by a weak logo, business card, or website. One study showed that the reasons users mistrusted and dismissed websites were 94% design-related and only 6% content-related. 

When the visual elements of your business are working right, they make a customer expect to be pleased with their purchase. And when customers have a positive expectation before they purchase, they’re more likely to rate your product higher after they purchase.

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Website Development is part of having a strong brand.

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