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Multicultural Marketing Solutions

Jocelyn is a media and marketing expert specializing in providing multicultural marketing services to various audiences. I create campaigns with a strong understanding of cultural values for Hispanic/Latinx, African American, and Asian audiences and additional ethnicities depending on your region. I bring brands and products to the forefront of this ever-expanding consumer market through integrated, performance-driven media solutions.

The Hispanic/Latinx population in the United States totals around 57.5 million, making up 17.8% of the U.S. population.

"Multicultural consumers are the youngest and fastest-growing demographic in the country. For over ten years, I have created custom multicultural marketing strategies and omnichannel campaigns that appeal to a wide range of consumers."

What exactly is the meaning of Multicultural Marketing?
Multicultural marketing opens up new avenues for brands to engage with consumers not part of the "majority audience." It specifically targets consumer segments based on ethnic and socio-cultural patterns, resulting in a stronger emotional connection and a higher conversion rate (sales).

Image by Naassom Azevedo

Jocelyn can help you reach your ideal target market through Multicultural OOH Marketing, Newspaper Marketing, Digital Marketing, Radio Marketing, and Community Events.

Multicultural Out-of-Home (OOH) Marketing

Jocelyn will help you reach your niche multicultural target audience through strategic analysis of the audience’s daily movements and strategic multicultural marketing solutions. She delivers results by utilizing proprietary and partnership multicultural OOH marketing networks.

Refuel your campaign with these high-impact multicultural OOH marketing and media networks, including:

  • Traditional billboard

  • C-stores signage

  • Gas station signage

  • Subways, buses, and transit

Multicultural Newspaper Marketing Publications

Newspapers are the most trusted media across Hispanic, African American, and Asian communities, demonstrating the importance of multicultural newspaper marketing. By aligning your brand with these influential communities, your campaign will make deep and meaningful connections with our targeted readers and drive real results.

Refuel your campaign with these comprehensive database combined with the fastest turnaround in the industry:

  • Specialty ads

  • ROP (Run-of-Paper) ads (ROP is a common phrase used in newspaper advertising sales. It means that your business advertisement can be placed anywhere in the paper, which is a good choice for reducing the cost of local advertising.)

  • Pre-printed inserts (FSI - free standing inserts. There is no denying that free standing inserts are an excellent way to get your offer in front of the right crowd.)

Multicultural Digital Marketing

My multicultural digital marketing campaigns are designed by specific digital strategists and are implemented in a collaboration with your in-house team or outsourced experts. Programs are optimized and outperform industry averages by a significant margin. For example, a typical Hispanic/Latinx Email program results in an 11-13% open rate and 1-2% CTR.

Refuel your campaign with 360° data-driven omnichannel solutions, including:

  • Email marketing

  • Social media campaigns (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • SEO

Multicultural Radio Marketing

I've developed and executed campaigns through integrated, performance-driven media solutions, placing brands and products in front of Hispanic/Latinx, African American, Asian, and other ethnicities. Multicultural radio marketing is an important part of any multicultural marketing solution. I buy access to specific target audiences based on geography, income, education, lifestyle, or product usage segments for an additional cost.

Refuel your campaign with local, hyper-local, regional, and national radio networks:

  • FM radio

  • AM radio

  • Sirius XM radio

  • Pandora

  • Spotify

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