A Hoopla Day!

What a day the Hoopla Marketing Now team had! This morning we arrived at Chattanooga T-Shirts shop, a local t-shirt print shop, where we picked up our first batch of "I Heart Chatt" t-shirts. The team at Chattanooga T-Shirts did an amazing job in transferring our vision onto a t-shirt. As their mission statement promises, they "offer superior products, services and prices".

Our next stop was at the Chattanooga City Hall building. We knew that this fan wanted the first "I Heart Chatt" t-shirt, Mayor of Chattanooga Andy Berke. We presented the Mayor with his very own, fresh off the presses, "I Heart Chatt" t-shirt. Thank you to Kyle House, the Mayor's communication director for squeezing us in the Mayor's busy schedule.

Small businesses build Chattanooga and its economy. We know that Chattanoogans will see our vision and purchase their t-shirt, wearing their "heart on their sleeve" for our city. Order yours now, visit