Latinos Are Tied to their Culture

Over the last decade, Latinos have influenced mainstream market trends, impacted local and national elections, driven the bulk of small business growth and become more visible in government and the private sector. And while Latinos are integrating into the mainstream, they aren't necessarily looking to acculturate, or become monolingual, English-speakers.

Hispanics are still tied to their culture and connected to their Latino roots. Because of this, advertisers know that they have to be fluent in biculturalism and diverse ideas.

Let's not forget that Hispanics are also very technology savvy, educated and live productive lives. They over index in tech (ex. Tablets and smartphones), and they use that tech to communicate, purchase items and conduct financial business online and mobile. (Latin Post 2016)

For that reason, marketers must use a combination of methods to really understand the Hispanic consumer, and tune into insights so that the Latino audience receives the intended message and becomes your loyal consumer.

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Source: Latin Post