How to Make Your Customers Feel Good About Your Company and Services

Perception is essential when differentiating your business in any highly competitive field. Hence, how do you want your company, product, or service to be perceived? This simple, insightful question assists when creating a strategic branding plan. Although, as a business owner, it's a question to reflect on, as an employee or entrepreneur, it provides insight into developing your brand.

So let's talk about perception within customer service. How do you ensure that your company is sending out the right messages to your clients and customers and creating the image that people today seek?

We all understand that perception plays a vital role in a company's ability to attract and retain new customers. Customer perception is what your customers and potential customers think of your organization. This perception directly impacts the attraction of new customers and the capacity to maintain good relationships with current customers.

Consumers want quality but also want to know they are getting good value. That value isn't just judged by the product or service they are purchasing but by the availability and usability of the customer service that supports it.

It's not enough anymore to have brand recognition. Consumers want to feel good about the brand and company they support. They want to do business with civic-minded corporations with positive world views. Knowing first what influences customer perception allows you to secure your organization's perceived identity.

From a social media perspective, social media platforms present unique opportunities and challenges for communication. Many social channels track a company's responsiveness to customers and rate them. In addition, social media creates an open forum for customer complaints. The vocal minority can seemingly hijack your good name but can take negative comments and demonstrate positive outcomes. Responding quickly and with knowledge and compassion can result in a favorable outcome with the situation at hand and increase positive feelings about your company. Be proactive with negative review posts and work to rectify the issue openly when possible.

"Customer perception is about feeling and fact. From the first touch-point to the last, the entire company is involved in this perception and can contribute to it positively," said Jocelyn Loza

Customers need to feel good about your company and its service, and they need to be treated well, and the products and services need to perform as advertised. So, when problems occur, manage expectations, communicate effectively and work to resolve the issue while making the customer feel valued and respected. It will always be easier and more cost-effective to create an environment for positive customer perception from the beginning of the customer journey than fix a negative perception.

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