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Understanding Your Failings

If you've ever hiked in Tennessee, you'll notice not only the lush greenery, but also several massive rock walls. My family and I were out for an afternoon stroll when we came across Goliath's Wall, a massive rock wall.

This is a photograph of the wall that I took. My eldest daughter can be seen as the small figure in the picture. She was attempting to scale the wall without any climbing equipment or knowledge. All she knew was that she would get to the top of the wall one way or another.

With her determination in hand, I considered how many of us are blinded by the prospect of reaching the top and begin climbing the "career ladder" without the necessary tools or knowledge.

In order to begin strategically climbing the professional ladder in any career path, you must first equip yourself with the necessary education and training.

If you want to change careers or go back to school, you must do your research and find the right resources, a mentor, or someone to help you along your new path. So, yes, you can do it alone, but whatever you decide, you will still need a guiding line, which climbers use to climb.

You will need additional training or certifications whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent graduate.

So, what did you make of this story?

1. Find a way around the obstacle, pause to assess your path up or across, seek appropriate training, and seek advice. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

2. Recognizing that you require assistance is a sign of strength. I want to encourage you to keep climbing instead of staying at the bottom. I'd like to see you succeed. I want you to succeed. When you reach the top, celebrate your achievements and give back by mentoring others.

Returning to my daughter's attempt at climbing the wall, she realized she needed the right equipment and training. She didn't climb the wall, but she did request climbing lessons. You must begin somewhere. Have fun climbing!

Jocelyn's YouTube video about this story can be found below. Leave a comment or tell us about your experience.

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