Understanding Why You Are Failing

If you have traveled to Tennessee and hiked, you will notice the beautiful greenery but also several giant walls of rock. My family and I were taking an afternoon stroll when we came across a massive wall of rocks called Goliath's Wall.

I took this photo of the wall. You can see that the little figure in the picture is my eldest daughter. She was attempting to climb the wall with no climbing gear or knowledge. All she knew was that she would climb the wall one way or the other and get to the top.

With her determination at hand, I thought about how many of us become blinded by reaching the top and start climbing the "career ladder," lacking equipment and knowledge on how to get to the top.

In any career path, you must equip yourself with the education and training to start strategically climbing that professional ladder.

If you're looking to make a career switch or return to school, all these decisions require you to research and find the appropriate resources, a mentor, or someone to guide you along your new journey. So, yes, the option to do it alone is there, though no matter what you decide, you will still need a guiding line, which climbers use to climb.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, you will continue to need additional training or certifications.

So what did you take away from this story?

1. Find a solution to overcome that wall, stop and assess your path up or across, find the proper training, and ask for advice. Asking for assistance isn't a weakness.

2. Acknowledging that you need support is a strength. I want to encourage you to continue climbing and not remain stuck at the bottom. I want to see you get to the top. I want to see you succeed. Once you reach the top, celebrate your accomplishments and pay it forward by guiding others.

Returning to my daughter's attempt to climb the wall, she realized she needed the proper gear and training. So she didn't climb that wall, but she did ask to take climbing lessons. You have to start somewhere. Happy climbing!

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