Closing the Pay Gap for Latinas

The economic status of women in Tennessee has made considerable advances in recent years but women of color (Black and Latina women) still face inequities that often prevent them from reaching their full potential. Unfortunately, Tennessee still ranks in the worst third in the nation for both women's Employment & Earnings and Poverty & Opportunity.

In 2018, Jocelyn teamed up with the Women's Fund of Greater Chattanooga to present on the Status of Latina Women in Tennessee. The chart below demonstrates the pay gap between men and women, and women of color.

As of 2020, Latina women are still paid unfairly. On average, Latinas in the U.S. are paid 45% (.55 cents) less than white men and 30% less than white women.

Many people assume that Latinas face a pay gap because they're concentrated in lower-paying roles. But even in the same job, Latinas are paid less than white men. For example, Latina nurses earn 28% less than white male nurses, on average.

Women of color deserve fair pay. It's time to close the gap and you can make a difference. Encourage your workplace to facilitate the path to the top by providing development and network-building opportunities.

This article was written and shared on the Latina Professionals of Chattanooga website, click here. If you are interested in partnering with Latina Professionals of Chattanooga and support the advancement of Latinas, contact them to help bring attention to this movement.