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During a Crisis, How Does Senior Leadership Set the Tone?

Leaders must understand why their employees become disengaged, especially during a crisis. They may feel undervalued, especially if new procedures are implemented without communication. It is an all-too-common motivator for good employees to leave. If your company is losing key players, it's likely that it's not the organization that's pushing them out the door, but their leaders.

Employee engagement and engaged senior leadership have a strong correlation. While managers have a significant impact on their direct reports' daily experiences, the importance of engaged senior leadership on employee engagement should not be underestimated.

According to the International Journal of Business and Management
“Unless the people at the top believe in it, own it, pass it down to managers and employees, and enhance their leadership, employee engagement will never be more than just a ‘corporate fad’ or ‘another HR thing’.”

They prioritize effective and frequent communication during any crisis, particularly the current pandemic, to ensure employees are heard and feel valued. Senior leadership participation demonstrates the company's commitment to its employees and helps internal engagement initiatives come to life.

Employee Retention = Engaged Senior Leadership + Employee Engagement

Investing in initiatives that drive employee engagement yields a high return, allowing you to retain those star players for enhanced engagement at all levels, even when they work remotely.

People look to their leaders for inspiration and direction, so it's best to start improving engagement at the top. Companies cannot engage the hearts and minds of their employees unless they have engaged senior leadership.

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